Tree Services

Tree Services

Primarily, our tree services include the trimming and removal of trees at residential and commercial properties. However, we can also clear lots, deal with storm damage and other tree-related services.

Tree Trimming and Pruning

In order to keep your trees and shrubs looking great and in good health, they must be trimmed and pruned frequently. However, it must be done right and at the right time in order for this to work properly. When pruning a tree, you must take into consideration the tree’s health, the tree’s structural integrity and the tree’s aesthetic appearance.

In addition to cosmetic and health-related pruning, Precision Enterprise can take care of hazard pruning as well. This includes the removal of oversized decayed, weak or dead branches. This is particularly important in areas around power lines, as it can help prevent the limb from falling onto the line and causing a power outage.

Tree Removal

Sometimes, a tree cannot be maintained. When trees have died, have limited structure or are declining in health, they need to be removed. In some instances, a declining tree may be able to be saved, but time is of the essence. It is for this reason that homeowners should maintain care of their trees and landscape (which is something that we also offer – lawn services). When a tree is allowed to deteriorate without treatment or removal, it can become extremely dangerous and costly. Therefore, if you suspect a tree is in poor health, contact us immediately so that we can inspect it and determine whether it can be saved or if it needs to be removed. In addition to removing trees in poor health, we can also remove any trees that you deem necessary for a renovation of the home or landscape.

If you need your trees trimmed or an old, disease tree removed from your property, give us a call here at Precision Enterprise. If you are unsure of a tree issue, call us and we'll come out and evaluate the situation. We offer free estimates.

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