Is It Okay to Plant Trees and Shrubs During Late Fall and Winter?

Is It Okay to Plant Trees and Shrubs During Late Fall and Winter?

  • 12/05/2016

There is nothing like getting trees and shrubs on sale, and the best time of the year to do this is during the late fall and early winter. However, this leads to the burning question: “Can I plant them now or should I store them until warmer weather?” Believe it or not, it is okay to go ahead put trees and shrubs in the ground in the cold weather – as long as the ground is workable enough and you are armed with a few tips. For your late-season plantings, make sure to keep the following things in mind:

Water Your Plants Weekly.

It is very important that your water your trees and shrubs on a weekly basis. The last thing that you want is for them to dry out, which can happen very easily and quickly during the cold weather. New plants need to be properly watered until the ground freezes, so make sure that you provide them at least an inch of fresh water (or rain water will suffice if it rains during the week) every week.

Add Mulch.

To help keep your newly-planted trees and shrubs insulated, make sure to apply mulch. This will help to prevent major temperature fluctuations of the soil. If your plants are particularly sensitive to the cold, or just for additional protection from the cold and sun, you may want to consider wrapping the tree trunk with burlap.

Avoid Disturbance of the Plant.

Since the plant will not have the time to recover from any damage that occurs, and due to the fact that it is already under stress due to the weather, you want to be as gentle as possible as you are planting the tree or shrub. This is particularly true as you are handling the roots. Also, make sure to avoid any type of pruning.

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