Tree & Stump Removal

Tree & Stump Removal

  • 11/14/2016

Tree & Stump Removal: 3 Important Reasons You Need to Clear Your Lawn

Did you know that there are actually benefits to removing trees and stumps from your yard? Some people assume that trees should be left alone unless they’re in the way and that stumps aren’t hurting anything; however, this isn’t necessarily true. Here are three reasons you should consider professional tree and stump removal:

Save Time and Money

Many homeowners will attempt to remove trees and tree stumps by themselves. However, this isn’t always the best decisions. In many cases, you will not have the proper tools to do this on your own, which will make the task moiré difficult and cause you to invest more time. In addition, there is always the risk of destruction of your sewer lines or even nearby structures. By hiring a professional tree removal service, you can save time and money on the initial services and avoid unnecessary repair charges if you were to do it yourself and make a mistake.

Avoid Re-Growth of Trees

When you cut down a tree and leave the stump behind, the stump may or may not die. If the stump does not die, there is a good chance that the tree could start growing again. If this happens, there may be more than one single tree stem that grows. The stems will likely interlock with one another and the growth will be uneven and wild, which will cause the overall appearance of your yard to be unsightly. To avoid this, the stump should be removed at the same time that the tree is cut down.

Increase Curb Appeal and Sale Value of Home

When your yard is full of life and vibrant color, a left-behind stump can bring the vibe of the landscape down to a low hum. As already mentioned, these stumps can be very unsightly. Therefore, to maintain the beauty of your yard, stumps should be removed as soon as possible. The same is true for trees that are haphazardly growing in a very uncontrollable manner in the yard. They’re just as unsightly as tree stumps and should be removed by a professional. This helps to increase the overall curb appeal of the home; and, when the curb appeal of your home is increased and maintained, it helps to boost the sale value of your home.

Though you may need to clear your lawn for the reasons mentioned above, trying to do so on your own can be extremely dangerous. Contact a professional like Precision Enterprise for assistance.